McCook County, South Dakota

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Bugs killing Zucchini

For the last 2 years bugs have eaten the roots of my zucchini just as it starts to produce. The plant slowly starts to die. How do I prevent this from happening this year?
Thank You,
Gloria Bormann


McCook County South Dakota about 7 years ago

Cash rent

What is the average for cash rent for crops in McCook County?


McCook County South Dakota over 5 years ago

Transplanting perennials

When transplanting perennials to a bigger pot after getting them from the nursery, is there anything special to put on the roots? They are currently in a 2"x 4" pot. Transplanting to a 3 qt. pot for resale purposes.


McCook County South Dakota about 4 years ago

What is wrong with my maple trees?

I have some maple trees in the yard. We have very clayey soil. Late last summer the leaves looked like they had mold or fungus. I took a picture to a greenhouse and they told me to use Fung-onil or just wait until it freezes. I used Fung-onil, and then again this spring when the leaves looked like that. The trees are 10 to 12' but are not growing much and do not look healthy.


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McCook County South Dakota almost 5 years ago

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