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A big thank you.

The info and links you sent in response to my question were of great help. Thank you, Steve

Lincoln County SD 10 months ago

Crab Apple

Crab apple tree was sprayed for apple scab but at the top the leaves are turning brown. There next to open field so maybe wind and sun are playing a role. I though maybe rust. From the picture what would you guess?



Crabtree1_300x300%2523 Crabtree2_300x300%2523 Crabtree3_300x300%2523

Lincoln County SD almost 5 years ago

Spring tail bugs

I have an infestion of spring tail bugs. We have tried many products and we can't get rid of them. They are also in house and in my bed. Any suggestions?


Lincoln County SD almost 7 years ago

Garden beans

What is eating my beans,I have a fence.They are just chopped off with nothing left behind.I have been using diatomaceous earth with limited success.


Lincoln County SD 11 months ago

river birch trees

3 River birch trees losing leaves from tops of branches. Trees are low on iron so I will inject them but they look like they have some kind of insect problem. Outer edges of trees are going bald. Leaves are yellow.


Lincoln County SD almost 6 years ago

Birch trees dying around town.

I've noticed river birch trees dying across town and was wondering if you had an idea as to why. They all of course have the yellow leaves and veins showing so I know they are low on iron but is there more? This tree is by 90th and Louise St. and has no damage or evidence or insect or disease. Thanks.



Lincoln County SD almost 4 years ago

Black knot cankers in tree

Not sure what type of tree this is but wondering what the black cankers were and how to fix.


Black_knot_in_tree1_300x300%2523 Black_knot_in_tree2_300x300%2523 Black_knot_in_tree3_300x300%2523

Lincoln County SD about 5 years ago

black stain and small slice wound on oak tree

looks like tree blew small slit open and oozed black tar out. What could this be and what to do?


Lincoln County SD almost 6 years ago

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