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Winter burn on Norwegian weeping spruce.

Is there anything a person can do to the tree to prevent winter burn?


Lawrence County SD about 2 years ago

Why are the wave petunias not blooming?

Planted three several weeks back and plants look great but have yet to produce a bloom. Used bloom booster only once since planting. Gets good sunshine morning and the better part of the afternoon. I’ve not had trouble with wave petunias ever before. Are there any that just don’t bloom and that’s what I happened to pick up? I am puzzled. I did send another message/question but I’m not sure that it sent. Now I see that the first submission was received so I don’t need two answers unless different answers surface. Hope you can help. Connie Robideau


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Lawrence County SD about 1 year ago


Is the Amaryllis toxic to cats?


Lawrence County SD over 3 years ago

What berry is this?

This 6' Bush grows in my yard. Has white flowers in the spring and these red berries end of July. The berries have the skin thickness of a tomato and when smushed have 5 or 6 seeds in a runny fruit just like a tomato. The berries are smaller than a cranberry. I'm just wondering what it is? Thank you!


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Lawrence County SD almost 2 years ago

2,4-D Drift on my vegetable garden

adjacent land was sprayed with 2,4-D to control weeds. Wind carried smell to our property and smell remained for 48 + hours. I noticed tomato plant leaves began to turn brown and curl with two days. No other plants showed damage. Can I eat any of the vegetables? Or should I trash the entire garden? Should I remove all plant material to rid garden of 2,4_D for following year?


Lawrence County SD almost 6 years ago

Red Liatris

What do you know about Red Liatris and where to get it.


Lawrence County SD almost 2 years ago

Bug Eggs or Plant Spores

I found these weird sacs with eggs in them. They were located in the shady side of my maple tree down in the mulch under all the bindweed. I pulled up all the bindweed and found them then I remulched with cedar mulch. What are these and how do I get rid of them?


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Lawrence County SD almost 7 years ago

cover crop

I want to plant a cover crop on 4 acres of tired ground. I want to be able to use it again next late May for sweet corn or a mix of vegetables. What do you think about seeding a vetch rye blend?


Lawrence County SD about 4 years ago

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