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Bugs in house!

I see bugs on the beds around the house! There was also a ton of different bugs in a second hand carpet I had for about 5 months. Are they bed bugs? What are they? How can I get rid of them? The 1st and 3rd photo are the before and after I killed it. The middle one is the one I see most often, but when I kill the middle one it is just black not orange.

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Ventura County California over 2 years ago

O2 Absorber

Is there a chemical or substance readily available that absorbs O2 that will work in a low humidity environment?


Ventura County California over 5 years ago

Help with Tree identification

We just moved into a new home a few months ago. Recently a couple trees in the backyard have begun producing a large amount of berries and it is making a mess and I’m worried my dog is eating them. I need help identifying the tree and need to know the poison level of the berries.


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Ventura County California 6 months ago

Dwarf Meyer Lemon

How should I treat my meyer lemon tree that has yellowed, curling leaves and produces fruit that is very sour?


Ventura County California over 6 years ago

Geranium Tea

I read about the medicinal benefits of geranium tea. What variety(ies) of Geranium is used to make geranium tea? Are there any varieties of geranium that are toxic if used to make tea?


Ventura County California over 5 years ago


What is this



Ventura County California over 1 year ago

Unplanted seeds

How long do unplanted organic seed packets last if unopened?


Ventura County California about 6 years ago

Green oranges

The oranges on my tree have always been nice, large, orange and juicy. This year there is a nice amount of them on the tree, they are what I would consider full size but the peak is completely green. Inside they appear to be ripe since they are very juicy, but they are sour. I would even tend to say they are on the over ripe end due to the bottom of them starting to split a bit. The tree sits next to a lime tree. Any chance they could have cross pollinated? Even if the trees have both been there for years.



Ventura County California about 5 years ago

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