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Raspberry canes drying & dying

Clinet stopped in with this sample. Planted 20 years ago. Some of the canes are drying up. This is the first year to happen. The canes are cut back to 20 inches in fall and moderately fertilizer with 10-10-10 in the spring in fall by hand. No spraying. There is creaping charley in the bed and pigeon grass and dandelions are pulled by hand. This year the first crop was light. What is happening and what do I do?


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Lake County South Dakota almost 4 years ago

Tomato Question

What is wrong with my tomatoes? They are big boy champions


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Lake County South Dakota almost 5 years ago


Client stopped in with rhubarb leaves. The leaves have brown spots on them and turn yellow. The stalks grow thin and die young. Client uses lake water for watering. What is wrong with the plant? What recommendations do you have?



Lake County South Dakota about 5 years ago

What is this bug on my pie pumpkin plant?

Client stopped in with the plant sample. About 2 months ago our 1st vine stared dying (acorn squash). We thought it was dried out because we had black landscaping fabric down. Slowly the other plants (other acorn squashes) and pumpkins started dying. What is happening? What do we do?


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Lake County South Dakota almost 4 years ago

Beans and tomato question

Rustic Acres dropped off samples from a row of tomato and bean plants. The browning and curling of the leaves started 2 days ago. A water drip line is used on the plants with a plastic mulch to keep the weeds under control. The beans were sprayed and fertilized within the week.
Contact info is Aaron at 605-480-1373 or


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Lake County South Dakota about 3 years ago

Ponderosa Pine Tree

Client stopped in with a bug sample. Squirrels had gotten corn on the ground under the trees. The corn was covered with the bugs. The trees have branches turning brown. What is wrong? What do we do to save the tree? I have a third picture if you need it.


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Lake County South Dakota almost 3 years ago

Bent central leader on Apple

My young Apple has It's central leader bent to the Southeast and continues to bend when tied to a support anually for the last 3-4 years. The older tree has developed the bent leader the last year or two and has pealed bark as can be seen in the attached picture. Cause / treatment / cure ???


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Lake County South Dakota over 3 years ago

Black knot?

Client stopped in with a sample growing in her tree. The branches seem to get black fungus knobs partially up the center of the branches. This has been happening the last 2 to 3 years. Client has been trimming them out. Please diagnose and make recommendations



Lake County South Dakota over 4 years ago

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