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Disease in green beans and tomatoes

Need help saving my green beans and tomatoes.



Kingsbury County South Dakota fruits and vegetables over 4 years ago

Sugar maple tree

My sugar maple hasn't grown any since i planted it three years ago. I've heard they don't like alkali soil. This one is in a low area of the yard near a ditch where rainwater runs through. If the soil is alkali would a soil acidifier help?


Kingsbury County South Dakota soil and fertility issues tree health almost 4 years ago

Hi, I'd like to ask about a sugar maple in my father's yard. He lives near...

Hi, I'd like to ask about a sugar maple in my father's yard. He lives near DeSmet South Dakota. He planted it a few years ago. It survives. But it seems to struggle. It gets plenty of sunshine and he protects it from the deer. Other trees in the yard seem to do well. Do you have any suggestions for him? Thank you in advance.



Kingsbury County South Dakota trees and shrubs horticulture almost 4 years ago

Mulching spruce trees

How much mulch is too much? I had 6' to 10' trees moved in last Sept. I was only able to get half of them mulched. I used chopped soybean straw and put it in about a foot deep. I have been told that this is too much; however, those trees look great. Some of the trees that didn't get any mulch look tough and have lost a lot of needles. Also is there any need to fertilize Colorado Blue or Blackhill spruce trees? if so what and how?


Kingsbury County South Dakota mulching trees spruce trees lrk over 4 years ago

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