Jerauld County, South Dakota

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What are these flowers?

Found growing in a lawn. Masses of purple flowers.



Jerauld County South Dakota about 1 month ago

Moving squash inside

Last spring, I bought a little squash plant that grew a little in my garden, but it never got big enough to bear any squash. Right now, it's about eight inches across. Can I transplant it to a pot, bring it inside and baby it throughout the winter, then replant it next spring g?


Jerauld County South Dakota almost 3 years ago

ID this tree with berries

Have a client wondering what this tree is and it has berries.



Jerauld County South Dakota almost 6 years ago

What is this caterpiller?

Found on elm tree



Jerauld County South Dakota over 4 years ago

apple tree with dying branches

I have a Harrelson apple tree that is about 30 years old. Over the last 2 years several branches have leafed out and then died. Last year I cut away the affected branch. This year the first branch back from the part that had been cut away leafed out and even set on apples and then died. the rest of the tree appears to be doing ok and has a fair number of apples set on.
Is there any thing I can do to save the tree or should I plan to cut the whole thing down? There are 2 other Harrelson trees near by that look ok. Are they at risk?


Jerauld County South Dakota over 3 years ago

soil testing

I have new dirt in large stock tanks for my gardens this year, but my plants aren't doing very good. Some cucumber plants died, the green beans have brown edges on the leaves, the radishes only had tops, onions bulbs aren't very big. Some other plants just didn't grow. I know it is to late this year to do anything, but I think something is wrong with the soil. Tell me how to send a sample and where, if this is what you think I should do. I live in south central SD in Jerauld Co., where we have a drought. I water quite often. thanks, Leane


Jerauld County South Dakota almost 3 years ago

Dying plant

Any ideas on what is causing this plant to die?


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Jerauld County South Dakota over 2 years ago

curled tomato leaves

Can soil be tested for a chemical residue, or be too rich? My husband put new dirt in my garden and tilled it in. All of my tomato plants have curled leaves, and my green beans have brown leaves, and no one has been spraying in this area.


Jerauld County South Dakota almost 5 years ago

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