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Northeast side of mature Honeygold tree not leafing out

The northeast side of this huge formerly healthy tree has curled leaves. We also notice one small branch on southwest side. No external damage that we can see. I think we had quite a bit of sooty blotch last year. The NE side is trying to bloom as well


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Hutchinson County South Dakota almost 4 years ago

Green Ash Trees

I have a number of green ash trees lining my driveway, and it appears that on many of them the leaves are curling up. These trees are well established, at least 10 to 12 years old. They are not in an overly wet area, but we have had a lot of moisture. Is this a fungus or is there something else I can do to prevent from losing the trees.


Hutchinson County South Dakota trees and shrubs tree diseases over 5 years ago

Peach Tree Losing Leaves

I have two peach trees side by side. They have been in the ground for at least three years. One of them appears to be turning yellow and losing its leaves. Is there anything I can do or is the tree dying?


Hutchinson County South Dakota peach trees over 5 years ago

sooty blotch fungus on apples

Is there any way to clean the sooty blotch fungus off of Golden delicious apples?? I know it’s best to spray to prevent but is there any way to clean the fruit now!


Hutchinson County South Dakota over 1 year ago

Plum & Peach Tree...fruit spoiling on tree...

Hi. Plum and peach tree's in Hutchinson County are spoiling on the tree near the stem. The fruit is full and juicy...yet...near the stem or the side they are spoiling on the tree. What causes this...and what can be done?


Hutchinson County South Dakota trees and shrubs horticulture over 6 years ago

Dying Peace Lily

My indoor peace lily has suddenly developed drooping leaves which are yellowing from the edges inward. This plant was in perfect condition & blooming 2 weeks. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Hutchinson County South Dakota over 2 years ago

growing blueberries in containers in the ground

I plan on using 55 gallon drums(from dairy farmer) cut in half and sunk in the ground and am wondering about the drain holes location. Since they will be about 17 inches deep could I put the holes up the side a little to use them somewhat as a self watering container or is bottom drainage holes the only way to go. There is good soil drainage otherwise. Can hardwood mulch be substituted for pine bark mulch it I can't find any pine bark mulch? Peat is easy to find so that won't be a problem.


Hutchinson County South Dakota blueberries container gardening almost 4 years ago

Dead spots at base of trunk on mature trees

We have some mature apple trees and notice the bark dying back at the base of the trunk. We lost 1/2 of an otherwise healthy tree last summer and notice damage to some others.Our soil is not well drained, but they did survive and extremely wet year in 2011 with no damage.


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Hutchinson County South Dakota apples almost 4 years ago

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