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Our established barberry shrubs appear pale and the new leaves in particular are mottled in color with tan and white. The worst looking ones are in areas that have the wettest soils. Is it a saturation, fertility, or disease issue??


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Hughes County SD over 5 years ago

tomato disease?

Had a customer come into the store with this tomato that has many spots. Doesn't look like TSWV as no rings and surface is perfectly smooth over discolorations. Customer has several tomatoes, this is only plant with this problem. They rotate crops annually, this plant is on the edge of the garden next to garage. They don't remember the leaves being discolored. Variety is Mountain Fresh, city is Pierre. Customer said they had similar problem last year with one plant but don't remember what variety it was; it was not planted in the same area as this one was.



Hughes County SD over 4 years ago

using well water on gardens

Who can I talk to about using private well water on gardens? There is a local water treatment company that will do the water testing and produce lab results for free but where can the results be translated into a treatment course of action? The local water company is focused on human consumption of water, not what vegetable gardens need.


Hughes County SD over 3 years ago

Solar lights effect on rose bushes

Do solar lights delay new rose bush growth? Some google sites say that new plants grow at night when it’s dark. I recently planted bare root rose bushes and put solar lights next to them but am wondering if I should remove the solar lights. I’m a newbie at planting roses so any info will be appreciated!


Hughes County SD over 2 years ago

Tordon residuals in relocated soil

I had some new dirt moved into my yard this spring and I used some to build a raised garden bed. After about 3 weeks of good growth, my broadleaf vegetable plants started to shoot their roots into the unknowingly Tordon contaminated soil. Needless to say everything went south after that. My question is if I tear down the raised garden bed and spread the dirt out to make a larger, nonraised garden bed, can I get away with planting a garden in the area next year?


Hughes County SD over 4 years ago

nest identification

The attached photos are what appears to be some sort of insect nest (one of a few) found on my deck. Can you identify? thanks


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Hughes County SD 10 months ago

tomato plants with problem

Have a customer who's had this problem in 2 different raised beds for the last two years. Last year we suspected this to be a wilt, so this year he made a new bed and put fresh topsoil, peat moss, and sand mix in it. Both year's tomatoes he purchased from us start looking good but then a couple of weeks after planting start showing signs of distress, then eventually die. We have not heard from other customers that they have any problems with the same tomatoes. They hand water at the base of the plants, the beds are in full sun, there is a hackberry and mullberry tree nearby.


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Hughes County SD over 1 year ago


Can you please identify this ugly bug I found in my home? He acted as if he were dead for hours even when I picked him up on paper and set him on counter to put him in this little plastic baggie. Once inside the baggie he started moving around. Been in the baggie for over 12 hours now and is still alive and moving......


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Hughes County SD over 1 year ago

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