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Bear or horse?

A local posted this as bear scat, but many have doubts



Tuolumne County California about 3 years ago


I have had this plant[s] in my yard since I moved to my house. I have been wondering what this plant is. I researched it, but no luck. Please help. Thank you.



Tuolumne County California over 4 years ago

Spraying Neem oil around in the bedroom

What are any danger's and or uses on spraying Neem oil around in my bedroom?


Tuolumne County California almost 2 years ago

How Effective are Abacide Injections

Hello! How effective is the Mauge Abacide 2 microinjection system for control of bark beetles in Ponderosa Pines? Does it work? Thanks! -Val


Tuolumne County California about 4 years ago

Angelica or hemlock

This plant looks like Angelica to me but looks so much like water hemlock?? arent hemlock leaves twice divided , some of the stems are purple and the plant now is just coming out ... I included a closeup of the leaves of the plant


Angelica_300x300%2523 Angelica_leaves_300x300%2523

Tuolumne County California over 5 years ago

Best way to plant fruit trees in clay soil

Hi there!

What is the best way to plant fruit trees, given clay soil? Should we:

1. Import soil? If so, how large do the holes have to be to avoid pooling?
2. Build raised beds/mounds?
3. Plant directly in the soil, but ammend it?


Tuolumne County California over 6 years ago

land use

can I store equipment on my property that belongs to me for my business that needs to be worked on or service by myself


Tuolumne County California almost 6 years ago

public employee retaliation

Can a public employee file a code compliance against a neighbor to get revenge on them


Tuolumne County California almost 6 years ago

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