Hand County, South Dakota

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How do I winterize strawberries?

I have new crop strawberries and need to know how to winterize them for winter in SD. I have both Everbearing and June bearer in the same patch. I have wheat straw available for winter cover if that will work and I need to know when to apply it.


Hand County SD over 4 years ago

Hail damage

Please advise how to care for hostas which are shredded & broken off. Trees 3-7 years of age; caliper 2-4 inches They have bark gouged off through to the inside. Wounds size of 50 cent piece & larger. Any advice other than to keep them well watered?


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Hand County SD almost 3 years ago

Killing cactus in my lawn.

In out church lawn we have a lot of cactus in an area about 40 X 60. How can we eliminate them. We have tried digging them out, but they keep coming back' and spreading. Glenn


Hand County SD 4 days ago

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