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Yellowing leaves on a newly planted prairie cascade willow

I have recently purchased and planted two prairie cascade willows from lowes. They both get about the same amount of sunlight a day and are watered regularly by hose and by my lawn irrigation system. I put 3 fertilizer stakes around each one as directed on the package. One of the trees has yellowing leaves on the branches at the main trunk and the leaves get greener as you look down the branch. The other one does not have this. Am I doing something wrong with these trees or do I have a diseased one?


Hamlin County South Dakota trees and shrubs horticulture about 4 years ago


Hello I have Boxwood 'Wintergreen' They stayed green all winter but as it was starting to get warm the leaves are turning yellow. At the base of the plant I can see green leaves. On the information card it says they can survive to -30. Are these dead? Or what can I do to bring them back?


Hamlin County South Dakota over 1 year ago

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