Haakon County, South Dakota

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My friend has two horses confined to close quarters(on dirt not grass) that tend to chew planks into kindling also to bite owner. The had not had salt for an extended period of time and I'm not sure about mineral availability. Could you help identify the problem with a solution please? Tom


Haakon County SD horses horse nutrition equine about 7 years ago

What type of weed spray to use on buffalo grass?

I have numerous weeds in a buffalo grass covered lot and I'm not sure what to use to kill the weeds but not the buffalo grass. We are in a drought and the black medic, dandelions,etc. are going wild! I've been digging them by hand but the size of the lot is too large for this. What can I use to kill these weeds but not harm the buffalo grass?


Haakon County SD over 4 years ago

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