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Zucchini Plants

What does powdery mildew look like> I have zucchini plants which have a light blue dust which can be wiped off. The tip of the leave is turning yellowish and then brown. Is there anything that can help? I was told this might be powdery mildew. I do love zucchini. Thank you


Gregory County South Dakota almost 3 years ago

quaking aspen disease

My neighbor has a quaking aspen that is not mature but is probably 20 feet tall. It has some black cankers on the branches which look like a fungus. I don't know if this is sooty black canker or some other fungus. Is there anything that can be done to save this tree? I can get a picture if needed.


Gregory County South Dakota 2 months ago

Can roots be cut off Sun Burst Locust, located southern SD

See attached photos and landscaping of our Sun Burst locust tree. Landscape is about 8 feet in Diameter across including tree, lava rock and perimeter blocks. A few roots are raising our landscaping border blocks. Tree is about 25 years old and about 35 to 40 feet tall.
Can we trim back or cut off a few problem roots effecting the landscaping blocks. ?


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Gregory County South Dakota about 4 years ago

I submitted this issue last Tuesday (6/11) and have not had a response so...

I submitted this issue last Tuesday (6/11) and have not had a response so trying again. I had a lady bring this plant leaf into my office wondering what was wrong with it and what could be done to fix it. She thinks it is a version of a peace lily. It is an indoor plant that has not been repotted, is about 5 years old, and just started showing spots on the leaves about 4 months ago. She has also fertilized it every 3 months. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!


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Gregory County South Dakota 12 months ago

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