Grant County, South Dakota

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low growing weed that chokes out grass

We live in Milbank,SD ( Eastern South Dakota, near Minnesota border), and there is a low growing weed in our yard that is choking out the grass. It has a small green broad leaf with purple edges. At first glance, I thought it looked like there were hundreds of some sort of sedum plants in the yard, but is obviously a wide spreading weed that is out of control. It is only gets about 1- 2 in. tall; too low for the mower to cut it. Can you tell me what it is called? What can I spray on it to kill it?


Grant County SD about 4 years ago

Pumpkin problem

We have a few acres of pumpkins. This is the first year we had problems this early. Here is a few pictures. We aren't organic so looking to treat them. Thanks


Img_20160721_064559129_300x300%2523 Img_20160721_063900311_300x300%2523

Grant County SD almost 4 years ago

Fairy Rings in lawn

A friend of mine has fairy rings. I know it is fungi. what is the best method to try to treat it? I'm assuming no chemicals with help.


Grant County SD almost 5 years ago

Reading test

Nutrient in soil phosphofas 37ppa potassium277ppa sulfur120 lb/ad organic material 2.9 soil ph0-6 7.7 what does this mean what do I need to do for lawn


Grant County SD almost 4 years ago

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