Edmunds County, South Dakota

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Dying colorado spruce, both blue & Green.

30 years ago, we planted over 900 spruce trees in our yard. They now are aging, many have white

sticky on branches. Should that branch that has turned brown & purplish be cut off to avoid spreading

the disease? What can I do when I see the dripping of the white stuff?


Edmunds County South Dakota about 4 years ago

Frozen soup with a cream and floured ingredient

How do you make a soup to sell in stores with a patent with a flour product and cream to complete the process?


Edmunds County South Dakota almost 3 years ago

Ball cactus

Have a ball cactus I'd like to transplant. I am looking for advice as to best time to transplant and any hints on not killing it while transplanting. Thanks for any help. Sincerely, Stu



Edmunds County South Dakota over 3 years ago

tomatoe leaves turning yellow.

I noticed last week that my healthy tomato plants have some leaves that are turning yellow. I usually water with a soaker hose or with a hose only under the plants. I noticed too, that the Columbine have some sort of transparent tips to the leaves, which then dry up. Are these two different problems? The tomatoes are full of fruit. I hate to loose them.Thanks


Edmunds County South Dakota almost 5 years ago

Tarnish on silverware

I have several old pieces of silverware that have become very tarnished. Is there something that I have in my kitchen that would remove the tarnish (like salt or soda). I remember that I used something like that in a pan lined with tinfoil. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Judy


Edmunds County South Dakota about 6 years ago

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