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Persimmom Trees

About 14 years ago I planted several Persimmon trees. I'm from southern Indiana and we they grow wild there. I was informed by people that grow them there that if the temperature does not go below -20 degrees in the winter they should be good. I do have both male and female trees. Two years ago I got persimmons on one of the trees. And last year persimmons again. However, when the persimmons got about as big as an eraser on a pencil, they fell off the tree. After the first time I thought it may be birds or some other animal. So, we bought netting and put over the tree the second year when persimmons came on the tree. This did not stop the persimmons from coming off. Farmers here informed me to contact you to see what is happening with my persimmons. I am just now getting leaves on the trees and if I get persimmons again on this tree, I would sure like to keep them till they mature this fall. Thank You for any help...


Douglas County South Dakota about 7 years ago

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