Day County, South Dakota

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Planting raspberries

Can summer bearing raspberries be planted next to fall bearing variety raspberries?


Day County South Dakota over 2 years ago

grape pruning

I didn't get around to pruning my edelweiss grapevine earlier. It is two years old and has not produced fruit yet. it grew 8 ft last summer, and has buds on the bottom, and one or two buds halfway up the vine. Can I still prune it, or do I have to wait for fall?


Day County South Dakota about 5 years ago

2017 rhubarb

i live in webster, sd and just talked to a friend of mine who stated he heard on a watertown radio station that gardeners should pull all rhubarb because of the late freeze we had this spring. he stated it had to do with the toxic part from the leaves going down into the stalks of the rhubarb.


Day County South Dakota about 3 years ago

Beneficials vs. Pests for Vegetable Gardens

Do you have a list of what insects are pests and which are beneficial? Preferably with images.

I am teaching an adult gardening class and I looked all over bug guide and could not find a great hand out. Thanks, Ellen


Day County South Dakota over 6 years ago

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