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Apple trees do not form blossoms

I have two apple trees - Harrelson and Sweet Sixteen neither of which will get blossoms. I have only had one apple in 7 years of growing these trees. Any advice would be welcome. I had the soil tested and the report came back fine. Thanks


Custer County South Dakota trees and shrubs fruits and vegetables apples horticulture almost 7 years ago

Pine nuts

I wanted to grow pine nuts which tree would grow in Custer South Dakota


Custer County South Dakota almost 3 years ago

deluted dish soap spray for tomato's

I have seen others online swear by diluted dish soap to spray onto tomato plants. They claim it helps with pests and also helps plant to absorb water better. Do you agree and at what stage can spraying start ? my plants are about 8" tall and I started them from seed. I think w/ a lil hardening exposure they are nearly ready to go to garden! What is your advise?


Custer County South Dakota almost 4 years ago

livestock vaccination question

We have been vaccinating our heifer calves at one year of age with two shots of Preg Guard Gold FP 10 and then following up annually with a single dose each spring before breeding. I would like to switch them over to a fall vacc. program. I have asked two of our local vets about doing this and one said no problem as long as they were vacc. this last spring and the other said not to do it as they have seen many abortions from using Preg Guard Gold FP10 on bred cows. Can I make the switch to fall and if so can I give a Guardian shot to the cows at the same time I give the Preg. Guard?


Custer County South Dakota beef cattle over 5 years ago

Sick Oak Trees

We have three Burr Oak( I think) in our back yard in the Southern Black Hills. The leaves are brown on all three and look very sick. I've attached two pictures. I read about anthracnose and am wondering if that's what it is? And most importantly is it fatal? Thank you in advance for your help.


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Custer County South Dakota trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

when to plant

when is the best time to plant fruit trees and bushes and which ones will do well here


Custer County South Dakota over 3 years ago

2 questions I had a couple squash plants turn yellow and die last year. Other...

2 questions I had a couple squash plants turn yellow and die last year. Other plants were un affected. Corn smut- is there anything to controll it. I planted corn for the first time in my garden so there should not have been any in the soil, but several had it.


Custer County South Dakota fruits and vegetables horticulture over 6 years ago

What to Plant Under Large Ponderosa

Hi! I have a large Ponderosa Pine behind my house which currently has bare ground beneath it. The tree is about 30" DBH and the bare area is about 20 feet in diameter. The area may have been planted with grass when the house was built 15 years ago, but it obviously failed. Is there something I can plant there that will help stabilize the soil? The area is shady for most of the day and the soil is very mineral-rich (yard has lots of granite and quartz outcrops). I also have deer and turkeys wandering through occasionally, so will need something they don't like since I'd prefer not to put a fence around it. Thanks!


Custer County South Dakota about 5 years ago

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