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what is the feed capacity of each part of a chickens digestive system.


Codington County South Dakota over 1 year ago

lowering pH for blueberries

I'm planning a 4 x 12' area for 3 bushes. I tested my soil this week and came back with a pH of 7.5. I know blueberries need a range of 4-5. What can I add to the soil to lower the pH and what amount per square foot should be applied? Can/should this be tilled into the soil? Also, what is recommended for mulch? Pine needles are ideal, but I don't have access to any? Thank you in advance.


Codington County South Dakota almost 2 years ago

What is this plant?

Fast growing, thick stalks, soft leaves with small green and white flowers with purple filaments. Growing in landscaping on my new property, no idea what it is. Grows like a weed.


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Codington County South Dakota horticulture almost 4 years ago

daffodil difficulties

This spring very few of my daffodils actually blossomed. I noticed a lot of them only came up a couple of inches and didn't get any taller. What could have caused this? A relative in Wisconsin had the same thing happen this year.


Codington County South Dakota over 1 year ago

Rose Leaves curling

The Watertown Master Gardeners were working the Farmers Market and a lady brought up this climbing rose bush sample. (see photo). The leaves are curling up. She didn't notice any bugs. She waters the rose regularly. She doesn't know of any spray that would have hit it. The curling is on the established part of the plant (middle). She has had the rose for several years. She uses a systemic fertilizer/pest control.



Codington County South Dakota roses over 5 years ago

CERCLA and EPCRA Reporting Requirements

I am teaching a course in Agriculture Waste Management at South Dakota State University and the 52 students want to know:

  1. What is the latest reporting requirements for CERCLA AND EPCRA?
  2. What size of livestock or poultry operation is required to report?
  3. How is the report submitted (to whom and how often)?
  4. What reporting form is to be used?
  5. What is the best spreadsheet estimator for ammonia and hydrogen sulfide from a livestock or poultry operation?


Codington County South Dakota about 2 years ago

Mushroom identification

What type of mushroom is this and is out edible?



Codington County South Dakota over 2 years ago

Cutting Back Asparagus

When can I safely cut back my asparagus? I am still getting an occasional stalk from the small patch. Is that normal? Any other tips to keep it growing & productive will be appreciated.


Codington County South Dakota over 2 years ago

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