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Thanks !!

Not a question, just note of appreciation for your chestnut web info. I needed to remind myself re horse chestnut vs Ohio buckeye and you had exactly what was needed. Thanks!! Mark Wetmore Vermilion, SD

Clay County SD over 3 years ago

tulip stems

I have a neighbor who has featured tulips in her yard for years. She has early, mid and late tulips and has divided them and continued several kinds of tulips for year. She has standard management of the tulips. This year, first time ever, she sees drooping tulips in several kinds of mid season tulips. This did not show up in the early ones. Tulips are in several locations around her yard in the country. It isn't herbicide drift. She's a farmer and would be aware of this condition. Question is if this condition is occuring in other areas this spring with the extra moisture. The stems seem unable to fully support the bloom. Thoughts on this environmental or viral?? condition?


Clay County SD about 2 years ago

Growing Turmeric & Ginger

Do you have any suggestions for growing turmeric and ginger in USDA Zone 5A? Is it possible? If so, how?


Clay County SD over 4 years ago

Fall Perennials

Seeking suggestions for fall perennials- what would you recommend in this area both for fall planting and what would look nice in the season? Thanks!


Clay County SD over 4 years ago

My Norfolk pine is slowly dying


Couple months ago got a Norfolk pine. Was doing pretty well for the first couple weeks and then slowly the bottom branches started turning yellow brown. Since then the yellow has started moving up and the ends of the branches are turning yellow brown, starting with just the end of the needles.

Watering it once a week, don't think too much. Any ideas? Anyway to tell the difference between overwatering and mealy bugs?

Thank you!


Clay County SD about 3 years ago


Hi, I would like to know the common name of these two plants (weeds?) so I can learn more about them.


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Clay County SD almost 2 years ago

Creeping Charlie


Creeping Charlie is taking over my lawn, not sure what to do, there are large patches that get larger every year although there are still areas of healthy grass in between.

Should I try to dig up the creeping Charlie and plant grass? Use and herbicide that won't kill surrounding grass? Any suggestions?

Thank you


Clay County SD about 3 years ago

Lawn Weeds

Mr. Stensaas brought in these two plants from his lawn. We decided one was clover but are there varieties and what can be used to kill? The second plant is either crabgrass or brome grass. We couldn't decide. If it is crabgrass, does preventer need to be put down in spring or fall? Thank you.


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Clay County SD almost 5 years ago

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