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Transplant rhubarb

Is it too late to transplant rhubarb?


Clark County South Dakota 11 months ago

Accidental herbicide spraying

In June, a path on the east side of Co Rd 46 from 5 miles S of Highway 212, and a mile or so W on 212 was accidentally sprayed with an herbicide that killed our grass. As a Master Gardener, I found it interesting to see the wind pattern effect in the yards. I was a "lucky" recipient of the spraying. It killed all of the grass next to the road across the yard and across the sidewalk into the inside yard depending on if there was a breeze or not in my yard. No grass has returned but weeds are abundant! Now I need to repair the damage. I would like to replant this fall with tall fescue as I like the attributes of that grass. I am not sure how to proceed. I am unable to rake due to a back injury so please take that into account. As I say, I am endowed with a super weed crop due to the spraying in the regrowth the of the areas. I would like your advice as to when, what needs to be done, after seeding care, and weed elimination for our yards this fall. I am hoping to inform my neighbors as to how to proceed, should they choose to, through an article in the local newspaper if the editor will print it. Can never have enough Master Gardener coverage out there, can we? Thank you for your advice and your time. Tika Sendelweck


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Clark County South Dakota about 1 year ago

Dying squash plants

My squash plants were growing nicely. Now they are all dying and the stems are rotting where they came out of the ground.


Clark County South Dakota about 3 years ago

Tomatoes not ripening

I have lots of tomatoes on and they are growing nicely, but they are not ripening. What is wrong?


Clark County South Dakota about 3 years ago

Sugar maple death

I have lived in this house for about 4 years and for the first 3 the sugar maple seemed fine. No loss of leaves, no black spots, no galls no moths or other signs of insect infestation. No other tree around seems sick or has the same symptoms. However, last summer the tree started to loose its leaves and is completely dead. This fall, a branch was taken off by the wind. The bark is split on the trunk and branches and is peeling off the very dead trunk. Can you tell me what happened?


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Clark County South Dakota almost 2 years ago

cucumber spots

My cucumber leaves have big spots on the leaves. They are not brown, but a different shade green. What is the problem and how do I take care of it?


Clark County South Dakota over 1 year ago

Transplanting hydranges

I have two fairly small hydranges -about two feet tall - that need to be moved. When is the best time to move them? Can I do that this fall? Soon?


Clark County South Dakota about 2 years ago

Rose turning yellow

I purchased a rose at the nursery this spring and planted it in my garden. The clerk told me I should add Bayer Advanced Rose and flower Care so I followed directions and added that during planting. We have kept the rose well watered during the heat and dry weather. Now the lower leaves are all turning yellow. What should I do?


Clark County South Dakota over 2 years ago

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