Brule County, South Dakota

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soil testing

I had very bad results with my garden this year. My husband brought in old dirt from a cattle yard and I think it might of been too rich. It was not mixed with anything else. I want to get ahead of the problem for next year. Where can I send samples to? Thanks, Leanne


Brule County South Dakota almost 3 years ago

fall tilling

I have alot of creeping jenny in my garden. Will fall tilling help discourage it? I also had squash and cucumber beetles in my garden this year. I know not to leave any sort of cover on the soil for them to winter over in. Will fall tilling lessen my beetle problem next year? Most years I have not fall tilled so as not to disturb the earthworms and dry the soil out.


Brule County South Dakota over 2 years ago

raspberry plants

I have an old raspberry patch that keeps growing from the ground instead live canes. I think I need to replace them. Can I use the same ground or do I need to move the patch for not to get any disease. I know there is a variety that is disease resistant.Thanks


Brule County South Dakota about 5 years ago

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