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Canadian thistle

We have thistles in our landscape beds. From our research to control this weed they should be sprayed with 2 4-D. This method will also kill the other plants. Is there a method other than this spraying that would control the thistles without harming the good plants?


Brookings County SD almost 4 years ago

Sick Evergreen Tree

Why did this evergreen tree die? We realize that this particular one is past saving, but we would like to know how to keep the others from developing this issue. Can anyone suggest any ways to prevent the loss of our other trees?


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Brookings County SD trees and shrubs horticulture over 4 years ago

Is it ok to use chopped tree leaves from the yard as mulch for the garden?

I am cleaning the flower beds/yard from leaves by vacuuming them with a blower/vacuum that has a bag. The bagged leaves are chopped/shredded...can I use this to mulch my garden plants.


Brookings County SD almost 5 years ago

Overwhelmed by ants

My lakeside lawn is being overtaken by ants. They crawl on us when we sit there, and they have turned grass into dirt. What can I do to turn back this onslaught?


Brookings County SD integrated pest management urban integrated pest management ants urban pests over 6 years ago

Using leaves for mulch?

I am cleaning the flower beds/yard from leaves by vacuuming with a blower/vacuum that has a bag. The bagged leaves are shredded/chopped. Can I use them to mulch my garden plants?


Brookings County SD mulching lrk almost 5 years ago

Grass won't grow in my backyard

I have had sod placed in my backyard twice in the last three years. Each time it died. I have had success growing grass in the yard for years before the sod was laid. I watered it as directed. The professional lawn service personnel have told me the grass died because the yard is heavily shaded. I don't believe that. My neighbor has healthy grass even though he has a huge maple tree that shades his backyard. Before I spend any more money on the yardI need to know why the grass won't grow. Can you help?


Brookings County SD over 4 years ago

Sequoia furniture

Is the sequoia tree endangered? I was going to purchase a piece of outdoor furniture and discovered it is made of sequoia wood. Would that be a responsible purchase?


Brookings County SD forestry trees and shrubs endangered species over 5 years ago

Strawberry Blossom Bug

I am sending this from the SDSU Associate Director's office. I had a phone call from an elderly gentleman wondering about what to spray on strawberries to "get rid of the bug that walks across the blossom" and causes the small hard strawberries. If you can give me an answer I can call him with the information.


Brookings County SD over 3 years ago

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