Bennett County, South Dakota

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What is this houseplant/tree?

This spindly potted plant/tree lives in our building's hallway. It receives little light and I haven't seen it grow appreciably in my 7+ years here. We've all started wondering what it's called. Do you know?


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Bennett County South Dakota about 7 years ago

Lawn weed identification

This weed has become prolific across the county this year. Several homeowners have noticed it encroaching quickly into their lawns. What is it, and how can it be controlled?


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Bennett County South Dakota about 6 years ago

Control of "green slime" in lawn and flower beds

Please explain how I can control the "green slime" that grows in the lawn and the flower beds.


Bennett County South Dakota about 5 years ago

What is this thorny vine?

This thorny vine has been growing in with columbines. Pictures are attached - my apologies for their blurriness. It has 3/8 inch spines all along the stem, as well as smaller spines irregularly, especially near the base of the plant, which appears almost woody. Our first guess was raspberries, except for the fact that it vines rather than grows upright.
We are interested in the ID of this plant, as well as how to control it. Preferably without harming the flowers it is growing amongst.


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Bennett County South Dakota almost 6 years ago

Nutritional value of pubescent wheatgrass

What is the nutritional analysis of pubescent wheatgrass compared to other grasses? We are planting the wheatgrass for livestock. Websites or publications with specific information would be appreciated.


Bennett County South Dakota almost 7 years ago

cedar seedlings in lawns

I have numerous cedar seeds germinating in my lawn with seedlings about 1 inch tall now. They are appearing under deciduous trees from bird droppings. How can I kill them?


Bennett County South Dakota about 4 years ago

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