Beadle County, South Dakota

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my wife and I box garden and mix all our own soils for the boxes...I am currently building 2- 3ft x 6ft boxes for strawberry's ,but haven't been able to come up with a good soil combination...can you help...Also a couple of suggestion on best variety for our area ( Huron SD ) would like a nice size berry..

Thanks for your help

Robbin Smidt


Beadle County SD about 4 years ago

Mystery tree shedding like crazy

This tree is shedding seeds? for the first time in the 13 years I've lived in my home. I just want to know what it us so I know when they will stop falling in my pool and if I need to relocate the pool next season!


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Beadle County SD almost 4 years ago


can u tell me what kind of spider this is? Found on my kitchen counter



Beadle County SD over 1 year ago

Oak tree leaves turning brown

I have an oak tree that Is starting to lean quite a bit and it's leaves are turning spotty brown on the edges and somewhat shriveling. Is there a treatment for such a thing? I can't seem to find any photos matching my problem to get anyour accurate advise



Beadle County SD almost 4 years ago

Spots (rust?) on Weigela

My Weigela bushes always get yellow/orange colored spots on the back of their leaves. I'm thinking this is some kind of rust. I've sprayed it with a fungicide in the past but it doesn't seem to get rid of it - it comes back every year. I will upload a picture and hopefully you can let me know what it is and what to do to treat it/prevent it. Thank you!



Beadle County SD about 3 years ago

Killing rogue Red Cedar or juniper trees

How do I kill volunteer (and I have many, many) in a grass area without killing surrounding trees.


Beadle County SD over 3 years ago

Yellowing houseplant

Yikes! What am I doing to my house plant that this is happening!! Too much water? Not enough? Too much fertilizer? Not enough? Too much sun? Not enough?? Help


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Beadle County SD over 4 years ago

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