Tehama County, California

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keets outside

I have hatched one keet.
when can I put it outside? And can I put it in the chicken pen? Will the chicken hens brood the one keet or will they attack it?


Tehama County California about 6 years ago

Help us identify animal scat in backyard

We have had this animal scat show up in our fenced backyard in Northern California. Could you help with identifying it?


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Tehama County California over 1 year ago

Peach Tree Curly Leaf

How do you use Neem oil on peach tree for curly leaf. when do you spray it and are there detailed quantity of Neem oil to use and anything else to include with it for spraying. I have an organic garden want to keep it that way. Please help me.


Tehama County California about 2 years ago

What is this plant?

Bought at nursery with incorrect label. Grassy leaves alternate up stems forming clumps on branches. Withstands cold, heat, drought, neglect. 10 years old, 3' high, never bloomed.


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Tehama County California over 4 years ago

repairing the trunk of a young tree

I have a small plum tree that was blown over in a recent storm. The trunk split open and splintered. I've staked it back up and it seems to be growing. but what can I do with the wound? Should I bandage the wound? Is there anything I can put on it? A neighbor of mine told me that his grandfather used to put a paste of sorts on grafts. It was a glue and a feed for the tree.


Tehama County California over 5 years ago

What’s wrong with my hydrangea?

I have 6 hydergea plants, 5 of them look great and the 2 I expected to bloom this year have but 1 of them has since taken a turn. The leaves have been rather pale ever since they grew out this season but it was still growing and even bloomed so I wasn’t to worried. But now the leaves are starting to look wilted. I’ve moved it into a more shaded spot where some of my other hydergea are at and doing well. I made sure the pot was still draining off excess water and that it wasn’t dried out but it just doesn’t seem to be helping. Anyone have any tips? I’m relitlvly new to these plants and don’t want to hurt it more trying to help it.



Tehama County California over 2 years ago

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