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What is this plant?

I found this plant in my backyard and can't find out what it is. Can you help me?


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Sutter County California about 5 years ago

Why does my pistachio tree produce shells with nothing inside?

We have a few pistachio trees that have beautiful shells but no pistachios in them...have had them for several years. What a shame....Can you help me.


Sutter County California almost 6 years ago

Who am I?

I am trying to figure out what type of plant this is so that I can care for it better. All of its little arms used to stand up, but have recently started lying down and I'm not sure how to help without knowing anything about it.


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Sutter County California about 4 years ago

cattle guard a.k.a. Texas gate for feral pigs?

Has anyone looked into scaling and designing a 'cattle guard' to make a vehicle pass that blocks feral pigs? Also any designs for feral pig fence crossing flashy seasonal streams without causing debris jam? thank you


Sutter County California almost 8 years ago

What bug??

Please help me identify this bug. This was on my daughter's bedroom floor. And the other day I found one crawling on my pillow. Please help me tell what kind of bug it is. thank you so much


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Sutter County California over 4 years ago

Name this snake

Found this by my car in my apartment complex. What kind of snake is this? Dangerous? Most likely someone’s pet? Or wild snake?



Sutter County California about 2 years ago

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