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Vitamins and minerals

What is the current thought on the need to take vitamins and minerals on a daily basis?

Sonoma County California about 5 years ago

Identify tree shrub?

hello. I just bought a home and I am trying to identify this plant. I have small children and I'm afraid they will eat the berries. It is approximately 10 feet tall. Thank you for your expert help.


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Sonoma County California about 5 years ago

Separated applesauce

I have another question about the separated applesauce. I don't have a microwave, but now I am thinking that you could also make the sauce by baking it? And perhaps adding less water if you make it in the stovetop?


Sonoma County California about 1 year ago

Grape clusters shrinking?

Hi, I have a small Vineyard in Fulton. Within the last 2 weeks I've noticed several vines with bunches that seem to be shrinking, and splitting of the grapes. I've tried dusting with sulfur spray to control mildew earlier and now the clusters of grapes look grayish and aren't thriving. I don't know what to do or what's wrong.

Also seeing some leaves change colors, with red splotches, and falling off. Can you help? Kathy


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Sonoma County California about 3 years ago

Thin blue snake seen in Northern California

I was on a walk yesterday and saw a think, bright blue snake that was about a foot long. I am very familiar with skinks and it was NOT a skink -- I saw it very clearly. It darkened to black or very dark blue towards to tail. I was about the diameter of a pencil. The coloring was the same bright blue as a skink's tail, though I must repeat that it was not a skink (I saw it in a clear space for about 5-6 seconds as it wiggled away from me).
Thank you for your help. I am anxious to know what I saw!


Sonoma County California over 4 years ago

8 month old hen has inflammation in her leg joint

I am from a small farm. One of my smaller hens who is about eight months old has an inflamed leg joint. it does not feel like there is fluid in the joint. One of my employees who was a herder said that it looks like arthritis. What can i do to help her? Should I take her out of the flock, there are about 175 chickens in our flock. Is there any oral or topical treatment i can give her? I was thinking about separating her so that the roosters don't weigh her down and so that she can get some rest. Her comb is also down so I know she isn't feeling well...thanks for any advice


Sonoma County California over 1 year ago

I have a tremendous amount of spiny burrs in yard. Coming from weeds. Can 30 percent vinager kill th

Spiny burrs. Will 30 percent vinager kill them. How do I prevent them from coming back?


Sonoma County California about 1 month ago

Grafted Pear to apple rootstock

I have two questions, I have a pear grafted to apple root stock. How long can I expect it to live? ( its about 20 yrs old now. Also I want to move it any suggestions about moving it when dormant.



Sonoma County California over 3 years ago

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