Solano County, California

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My blood good red maple is having problems. Please help!

I planted it this spring. Now the leaves are drying and some are sticking together. Can someone please help me? What am I doing wrong?


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Solano County California about 2 years ago

Vine is faded green with dry leaves

I returned from a 2 month trip to find a big vine on my trellis was faded green, leaves are all sort of dry but retaining their shape. We have four of these big vines in large containers and the other three are fine. They were all watered with a drip system every 3-4 days. Is this from overwatering? The soil was moist but not soggy.



Solano County California about 6 years ago


My whole lawn is crabgrass how can I kill it naturally or just kill it with a product why it's raining


Solano County California over 3 years ago

Pest control

Something is eating holes in my Petunias! I found one small green catapiller so far. What do you suggest I do now to save my flowers?


Solano County California over 3 years ago

Water Weeds

Found these blooms on a reed growing near a creek. No idea what the plant is but the blooms are interesting. Can someone identify it?


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Solano County California over 7 years ago

Should I prune my Artichoke plants in march?

I planted a small start plant last summer, the plant got really big but didn't produce any buds so I just let the plant continue growing. I am including pictures of it. Should I prune it back or just let it go in anticipation of spring and summer approaching, it is March 3rd right now? If so, how should I prune it? Thanks


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Solano County California over 1 year ago

What kind of snake is this?

We came across this beauty on a hike at Lake Herman, in Benicia California. Can you identify what kind of snake it is?


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Solano County California 6 months ago

I think I planted too many canteloupe seeds and should have thinned out the...

I think I planted too many canteloupe seeds and should have thinned out the sprouting plants. Should I remove a few vines now that they are full grown plants?


Solano County California about 6 years ago

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