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Weed or grass?

Hello- this weed is taking over our lawn and did not die when weed killer was applied. Any idea what it is and how to get ride of it? Took over established grass and costing a ton of money in seed that is just going waste.

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York County PA over 1 year ago

soil testing for lawns

Do you test homeowners soil

York County PA over 6 years ago

PA right to farm laws

My husband and I are in the hay making business. Our township is forcing us to remove tractor trailers that are being used to store our hay citing "unregistered trailers". We have 2 trailers against the back of our property that they are making us move. Would the pa right to farm laws cover this as a nuisance ordinance since they are being used for agricultural purposes and not to be driven on the roads at all?


York County PA over 3 years ago

Norway Maple Tree Losing Bark

We have a Norway Maple that is losing its bark. It also has green moss growing on the trunk. The problem starts at the ground and works its way up. There are places where the bark is loose and could be easily pulled off. Other places, where the moss is thickest, the area under the bark sounds hollow when tapped. Is this tree a goner or is there something I can do to help it?


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York County PA almost 6 years ago

Identification help

can you please tell me what kind of weed or plant this is? It has spiky balls on it that resemble small cacti, it is growing in one of our spare garden beds.


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York County PA over 5 years ago

Unidentified Caterpillar

Hello My daughter and I came across this caterpillar I have never seen. I looked online to identify it but found nothing. Does anyone know what kind it is?

Emily S.


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York County PA 6 months ago

Run-off problem

My community built a development behind my property. In the few years that this has been in existence, there is an ongoing erosion of my yard, and the development of a significant gully, with secondary ones now forming. The development has very little drainage or retention construction within it. How can I prevent additional damage to my yard? What are my options to deal with this?


York County PA almost 8 years ago

Lightning strike and it's effect on the soil

Two or three year ago we had lightning strike a tree in our front yard. The tree eventually started to die, so we had it removed last year. We have since tried to plant trees in that area, without any success. They either die or just don't flourish. We've planted trees in other parts of the yard and they are thriving beautifully. Could the soil have been affected and is there anything we can do to correct it?



York County PA over 4 years ago

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