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Wyoming County Pennsylvania over 6 years ago

Farming - Peaches - P and K removal

I'm am working towards full certification for a public dual NM Specialist certification. I am writing a plan for a farm in Wyoming County and am utilizing the 4.1 version 4 NM excel spreadsheet to write the plan. The spreadsheet references tables developed through PSU, the table that lists "typical crop removal for phosphorus and potassium" does not list peaches. There are no stats for nutrient removal regarding peaches in the 2013-2014 Agronomy Guide. Thank you!, Maureen I need to know the removal per unit of yield for peaches. If someone would be able to get back to me A.S.A.P. I would greatly appreciate it.

Wyoming County Pennsylvania about 7 years ago

I have a very large phlox garden that always bloom beautifully. This year the...

I have a very large phlox garden that always bloom beautifully. This year the plants have flower buds, but are not blooming. Only one or two buds actually develop fully and open. What could the problem be and how can I treat it?


Wyoming County Pennsylvania over 6 years ago


Occasionally as I am sorting thru my mom's old papers, I run across extension papers. She was very active in Wyoming County courses when Clara Stankowich(sp?) was the County Agent. As a young girl, I also learned as my mother came home and taught me what she had gleaned. If I find more papers related to extension, should they be forwarded to you? I noted that you had a display at the Paterno Library in observance of the 100th anniversary, and wondered whether or not there were archives for the extension.


Wyoming County Pennsylvania over 6 years ago

tree leaf

Hi , In my neighbors yard he has a tree, approximately 35-40 feet tall, that shed it's leaves after the last freeze, The leaves are fan shaped and i have looked at all the North East leaf web sites and i have had no luck in identifying it. Please help. Thank you A. Traettino aatraettinojr@aol.com



Wyoming County Pennsylvania over 5 years ago


I’m a lawn care and landscaping company,, I want to apply fertilizer to customers lawns, weed control, crab grass,, what will I need to optain to do these ,, I do residential only


Wyoming County Pennsylvania 11 months ago

Invasive plants

We are anticipating a move soon from northeast Pennsylvania where I have gardened for almost 30 years to an area on the outskirts of Eugene. I fully expect to jump right into gardening in our new location. There are many plants I have grown fond of over the years and hope to include newly procured similar plants for our new home garden (veg. and flower). What I would like to avoid is unintentionally including any invasive plants in my selection. Do you have a list of plants that are invasive or not recommended for planting in that area of Lane Co. I realize I will be in a different growing zone and look forward to a much extended growing season just want to avoid over enthusiastic plants. Thank you for your help. Have a happy and peaceful holiday season.


Wyoming County Pennsylvania about 4 years ago


I’d like to know what this is, seems to grow around streams an rivers



Wyoming County Pennsylvania almost 2 years ago

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