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Identity wildflower

Please identify wildflower in photos.

Wayne County Pennsylvania over 5 years ago

Why don't the rabbit people get a wrist band during fair time?

i find it very unfair that the kids who have cows, pigs, goats and sheep get a wrist band for fair week and the kids who have rabbits and poultry do not. 4-H is suppose to teach responsibility. Our kids put as much time and care into their rabbits and chickens as the kids who have cows,goats, sheep, or pigs. They should be there to help care for their rabbits during fair week. But these kids get a one day pass. I am sorry but rabbits and chickens eat and drink 7 days a week. And we are teaching these kids that during fair week that some one else is responsible for their animals. These kids work hard all year long too. Thank you. Terry Hornung

Wayne County Pennsylvania over 5 years ago

Eastern Phoebe Nest and Mites

Last year Eastern Phoebe's nested near a bathroom window at our vacation cabin under an eave, and we were infested by mites (even though the nest was not empty - the four baby birds were still featherless and alive in the nest). We had thousands of mites migrate en-mass into our home. It was horrible! We removed the nest to a new location (I think all the babies were eaten by a night time predator since they were all gone the next morning) and blocked that area with screening. This year the birds have moved the nest to the eave under a screened porch that is attached to the side of the cabin. The parents are actively feeding the babies in the nest. Is there anything I can spray this active nest with to proactively prevent another infestation? I would hate to remove this nest and cause the death of all the babies again.


Wayne County Pennsylvania almost 7 years ago

Lilac Shrub Massacre

A snow plow slammed into our well established (30 yrs.+) lilac shrub. Was not here when it happened and in order for them to untangle the vehicle they slaughtered the shrub with a chain saw. There are now stumps about 3 ft. tall remaining and it really looks bad. Not sure what to do or when to do it? Thanks for any advice you might have.


Wayne County Pennsylvania almost 8 years ago

horse feed quality analysis

I have been told by four different vets that the feeds I have been giving my horses is very poor quality so I would like to have them analyzed to find which is the best. I am feeding Triple crown senior, triple crown complete, poulin low carb senior and a local mill's own feed. No matter which feed I suggest, none of them can agree on.


Wayne County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

Rabbit Meat

What are the laws in PA for selling rabbit meat live or processed from my own farm to a consumer or restaurant?


Wayne County Pennsylvania over 6 years ago

plant identification

Trying to identify this plant that was given to my wife.



Wayne County Pennsylvania over 5 years ago

unidentified pest on grapes

I have detected a brownish growth on my grape leaves in my vineyard which also engulfs emerging berries. The resulting brown mass has the approximate physical hardness of an apple and has a capsule shaped appearance. Have photos which I could transmit from my i-phone. Would appreciate diagnostic of the pest and recommendations how to eliminate it. Thanks. Gerhard Ertingshausen


Wayne County Pennsylvania over 3 years ago

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