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Blue Spruce

Where could I obtain one or two blue spruce seedlings?


Warren County PA urban forestry almost 5 years ago

Invasive plant

Hello, I have this vine like plant that is spreading through my lawn. I asked about it earlier and it was identified as creeping Charlie. This plant I have does not produce the purple flower and it stays on the ground. What is ir.?



Warren County PA horticulture over 2 years ago

What is this?

I have this plant that grows on the ground like a vine, it roots everywhere and continues to spread, how do I eradicate this neusance?



Warren County PA horticulture over 2 years ago

What is this?

I bought this plant for my wife at a greenhouse in Erie Pennsylvania. It resembles clover in the shapes of the leaves but that's where the similarities stop. The plant has a vine like, creeping habit and thick succulent like stems. Its leaves are a brick red to dark green fade on the tops and has dark purple undersides...


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Warren County PA plant identification horticluture over 3 years ago

plat book

Where can I get a Warren county Plat book and what is the latest edition?


Warren County PA plat book almost 5 years ago

honeysuckle problem

I have over 30 wild honeysuckles that have a growth on them around the flower. Last year I picked them all off but this year they are just covered. The plants are more than 70 years old and mean a great deal to me. How do I get rid of it. Thank you so much for any help.



Warren County PA over 2 years ago

What is this?

Can anyone identify this leaf? Looks like a geranium leaf. Thank you!



Warren County PA horticulture plant identification over 3 years ago

Killing Tall Fescue

My lawn was overseeded in the fall of 2011. Now I have this grass that grows twice as fast taking over my yard. What to do?


Warren County PA lawns and turf horticulture over 6 years ago

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