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Broccoli spots

my Broccoli has brown spots on the Florets. are they ok to teat


Union County PA over 2 years ago

Plant sale

I am not sure when and where your plant sale will be. I am interested!


Union County PA almost 5 years ago

Tricolor beech trees

I bought my tree about a week ago and the leaves are brown looking. My ph level is about 6 and my soil moisture is about 3-4 right after the rain we had.It gets full sun, but should I be worried about my tree?


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Union County PA 8 months ago

Pruning a 20 year old ficus tree

Hello! We share an office space with a woman who has decided to semi-retire. She is downsizing to one of the smaller offices, but has a very large ficus tree. It's been in a very sunny window for about twenty years, and is HUGE. We wondered if there was any way we can safely prune it without killing the plant? I know the general rule is to take no more that 20-25% of the overall tree mass when pruning back, but it is well over 8 feet tall, and has 3 main trunks, as well as some smaller sprouts from the bottom. The main trunks peak at about 8 feet, then have grown sideways for another 3-4 feet each - would it be more prudent to try to train them to loop down and around? I'm afraid if we try to cut it, we will send it in to shock. It's such a happy, beautiful plant, our office mate would love to keep it, but it's simply too big to fit in the office anymore! On a related note, I'm hoping to air-layer a cutting from one of the larger main trunks - would that be too damaging, considering the age of the tree? I've attached some photos to give you a better idea of what we're looking at. :)



Union County PA about 6 years ago

What bug is this?

I have these tiny bugs near and around my swimming pool and wooden deck area. Deck is built w yrs ago with treated lumber. I had that many of them that I had to vaccine my swimming pool because bottom of pool was yellow from them. How do I treat for them.



Union County PA over 3 years ago


Hi, I was told to contact you about getting christmas tree saplings. I was looking to plant a bunch. Thank you


Union County PA over 4 years ago

Soil solarization

I would appreciate links to information on soil solarization for weed removal. I would be particularly interested in methods that have been tested for efficacy. Thank you.


Union County PA almost 4 years ago

Birch trees

Our birch tree Is dropping its leaves. They first turn yellow and then drop. The leaves have small dark green spots on them. Right now the change is only on the east side of the tree.


Union County PA over 7 years ago

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