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small caterpillar or worm infestation

This summer and last summer we have had an infestation of caterpillars or worms that are approximately an inch long, thin, and black. They are everywhere. Outside our house, inside our basement. What are they?


Tioga County PA over 7 years ago

Maple syrup

Do you have a grant available for a reverse osmosis machine for maple syrup production?


Tioga County PA about 7 years ago

Vines Article in Newsletter

Regarding Carl Martin's article in recent Newsletter, I agree that non-native vines are a problem and should be eradicated on woodlots whenever possible. However native species, such as fox grape, have a role to play and I don't think we should be promoting their removal from woodlots/forests in Pennsylvania. And if deer browse is such a severe problem as Carl states, preventing normal tree species recruitment, why aren't Bureau of Foresty and partners aggressively working to reduce their density in those regions?


Tioga County PA almost 7 years ago

Infestation of lawn with what appears to be mole hills.

Infestation of lawn with what appears t be mole hills. What do I do?


Tioga County PA almost 5 years ago

Rhubarb and crown rot

My rhubarb developed crown rot. I removed all plants. Bought new plants and planted them in another location as I've read the soil is now contaminated. My question is can I replant peonies or hydrangea in that spot or is the soil contaminated for anything. If so how long before the soil is plantable?


Tioga County PA over 4 years ago

Black plastic under raised bed

I think I messed up. I started a raised bed and I put it on top of an existing bed of fine gravel. I don't have it completely filled yet but over night I woke up with a jolt realizing that the gavel bed has heavy duty black plastic underneath. I'm going to halt work on the bed until I hear from you. I'm sure it will make a huge diff in the drainage. Should I remove the plastic? I'm very determined to do this right. My tomatoes have been non-existent the last 2 years and I want tomatoes! I will do about anything to have them including moving all the dirt I have in this bed. Meanwhile, I'm going out and stare at the bed with my cappucinno until I hear from you. Thank you.


Tioga County PA almost 5 years ago

Buttercups in Forage?

Buttercups (Ranunclus Bulbosus) I have them in pastures and hay fields, the information I have read says ok in hay. Sara BhaduriHauck had a paper in May 28, 2013, which I found well written and informative, Controlling Buttercups in Pastures. Also other information I have found says the same. My question is, if I did baleage, wrapping round bales, will there still be toxic for cows, hay cured says ok, baleage would only be partially cured? But would the toxin cook out in the fermentation process? Thanks, Jack Strange strangej@ptd.net


Tioga County PA over 3 years ago

Turnips in North Central PA

I own property in South Eastern Tioga county. I would like to plant turnips to attract deer. I would like to know when to plant and what kind of prep I need to do. It is a wooded spot but will see sun. Approximately 40' x 40'. Thanks


Tioga County PA almost 4 years ago

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