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Worm Fossil

I found this fossil many years ago in a stone wall that was being taken down,I thought it was different from the shells i have found in the past,it was found in PA north east corner and around 1500 above sea level,I found a story about the first worm fossil found,I think I have another one,any information or people interested in it would be great ,



Susquehanna County PA over 2 years ago

Water shield

What is the best way to get rid of water shield in a large pond.


Susquehanna County PA about 2 years ago

How does blight on hemlock trees affect their wood's resale value?

Does the blight on hemlock trees in northeastern Pennsylvania affect the value of the wood for re-sale purposes?


Susquehanna County PA lrk hemlock trees over 5 years ago

Water testing Montrose PA

Is there any way you can test for h pylori in well water?


Susquehanna County PA drinking water over 2 years ago

Washington Hawthorn tree - leaning

Hello, I'd like some advice on what to do with my 4-year-old Washington Hawthorn tree. It was sent from the Arbor Day Foundation, and I had it planted in a nursery space for the first year, where I regularly watered it. I tried to prune it correctly, and then transplanted it to the final growing space. It has been mulched, and happily growing well for 3 years in a space with good sunlight. Just recently, however, it started to droop over. It this a natural tendency of this tree, or should it be staked? It is quite high, so will be hard to stake (my cat is in some of the photos for scale). There is a lot of new, light green growth. Could it be growing too fast? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.


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Susquehanna County PA trees and shrubs hawthorn horticulture master gardener program over 3 years ago


I have been trying to work on CCBDG class. but the site will not move. Is there too many people on this site at the same time? Is it better to do this class in the evening or weekend?


Susquehanna County PA online education over 3 years ago

Yellow leaf spots on asian pears

Any ideas what this is and remedy? Thanks


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Susquehanna County PA over 3 years ago

Lake seaweed

I have a cottage on arrowhead lake Brackney PA. The seaweed growth has become unmanageable this year. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.


Susquehanna County PA pond and water gardens over 2 years ago

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