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Second batch in canner and seal fails

I have an All American pressure canner model 916 that works very well with a first batch. If I reload the canner to do a second batch immediately after the first, the seal between the lid and canner itself fails. Steam comes out from under the lid, it does not hold pressure, and I have to "abort the mission". I have tried re-oiling the rim, putting in fresh water, but for the 4th time now this has happened. Any ideas? Thanks!


Sullivan County PA over 1 year ago

Pest control

1. Trying to best time the application of Hort. Oil for control of Honey Locust plant bug. Under the microscope looking at a 2nd. yr. twig with buds just swelling. Removed a single bud scale and found 5-6 active bright orange mite like creatures with 8 legs and a few orange eggs. Do the nymphs of the plant bug have 8 legs or is this a different arthropod? 2. Will Hort.Oil work for the newly emerged Vibernum beetle larvae? We've used Sevin with very good results in the past but there are still plenty of bright red berries hanging on this spring and the birds are enjoying them. Thanks, Henry Street


Sullivan County PA almost 7 years ago

Wild Apple Trees Dying From Bottom Up

We have dozens of "wild" apple trees growing on our land. The land was settled just after the civil war and we presume many of the apple trees we've been fencing and pruning over the last 60 years are progeny of the early orchards. Four to five years ago, the lower branches started turning brown in early summer, leaves falling off, apple production way down. This has spread to nearly all trees, young and old, some turning brown and losing leaves all the way to the crown. I've read of Rapid Apple Decline, but that is usually discussed in the context of grafted trees. Our's have been extremely durable, naturally selected producers...until now. Any insight on the cause or solution will be greatly valued.


Sullivan County PA 5 months ago

What kind of spider is this ?

Could you please tell me what kind of spider this is ? And any interesting facts about it . Also is it dangerous to humans in any way ?

Thank you JC



Sullivan County PA about 2 years ago

Asian hornets

how can i get rid of a nest of asian hornet living in a hole inside a tree


Sullivan County PA almost 4 years ago

Limited Use Kitchen

I'm having trouble figuring out the nuts and bolts of building a limited use kitchen in an outbuilding on my property. It for the purpose of making value added products in jars out of produce grown on the property for extracting and jarring honey. Jellies, jams, krauts and pickles primarily.


Sullivan County PA almost 6 years ago

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