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Algae in pond with no fish

I have a pond without fish ,for swimming, and after 6 years I am getting algae in the pond. One side is woods where a lot of leaves fall into the pond in the Fall. The other 3 side are open and gets a lot of sun. Water comes from a spring and runs 10 months of the year. What can I do to eliminate algae? I do not want to put fish in the pond.


Somerset County Pennsylvania almost 5 years ago

Plant identification

I was walking on my sister’s heavily wooded property yesterday and we saw these plants everywhere. When we pulled them up, we discovered that it was a vine, and very shallow rooted. We thought that they were pretty, but worried that they might be invasive in nature. She lives in Somerset County. Thank you for your help! Lisa



Somerset County Pennsylvania over 7 years ago

tomato tops drying out

Hello, I have different species of tomato plants in my garden. The plants looked great until this morning. Probably 30 plants in all, 15 small tomatoes. The top of two plants look to be wilting, one more then the other at this point, hope it is not a chain reaction. They just look like they are drying out from the top, going downward. Is there anything I can do to save them.


Somerset County Pennsylvania over 6 years ago


We are in the second year of a meadow planted with Ernst seed mix, planted by Silvis Landscaping in Mount Pleasant, Pa. It is now all weeds and I'd appreciate speaking with someone about where to go from here Thank you Cindy McHolme 412-657-3081.


Somerset County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

Can a wisteria kill the root system of another tree?

I have a wisteria growing next to a maple tree. I keep the wisteria vines out of the maple tree. My maple tree is dying and we have no idea why. Could the wisteria's root system be killing the root system of the maple tree?


Somerset County Pennsylvania over 1 year ago

strawberry plants

My strawberries this spring do not have much flavor. What do I need to feed them to make them taste better.


Somerset County Pennsylvania almost 4 years ago

Found a egg like fossil

My dad found this fossil in the coal mines do you know what it is


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Somerset County Pennsylvania over 3 years ago

Apple Rootstock for northern Somerset Co., PA

I get dizzy looking at all the rootstocks I need advice. I'm looking for the best apple rootstock to fit my soil condition and growing needs. This area generally has a clay base about 8 to 16 inches down....wet springs and, anymore, mostly dry late summers. Not getting the more predictable rainfall as we did 30 - 40 years ago. I'd like a rootstock that does NOT need supported and is disease resistant. Maybe I'm asking too much, but what are my best options. The other issue is so few nurseries offer rootstock in small quantities. Thanks!


Somerset County Pennsylvania about 3 years ago

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