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What kind of fruit trees should I be planting in North Central PA

I have an east facing shallow slope of about 4 acres that I would like to eventually turn into a permaculture food forest site. We live in Zone 5A and currently use the field as part of a rotational grazing plan for cows, pigs, and chickens. We are right on top of a hill with nonstop wind all year round, so we are thinking of planting at least 200 trees in windrows to break up the wind and to more clearly define our grazing paddocks. Eventually the trees would be culled down to probably around 100 left. I am looking to plant as diverse a selection as possible. We have a LOT of native apple trees, and will be transplanting many of the seedlings. We also have plenty of black walnut in the area and we are hoping to be able to start several of those for this project. Elderberries (while not a fruit tree) do very well in this area, and we will be incorporating them into this project also. We are looking for any advice on what fruits (trees, shrubs, bushes, etc) are native to this area, or that others have had success bringing in. We are also interested in non-fruit recommendations. (flowers, ground-cover, trees, bushes, etc.)


Potter County PA over 6 years ago

Sunflower ID

An Extension customer in Potter County would like to know what type of sunflower this is? Photo attached. Thanks in advance for your reply.



Potter County PA over 5 years ago

ServSafe course

I was told by the Potter County Education Council that I needed to sign up for the ServSafe course being offered in January through your website. I don't find the course listed. How do I register?


Potter County PA over 7 years ago

Maintenance for evergreens

Looking for information on managing mature growth evergreen trees, with regards to: fertilizer, pruning, pest identification, etc. Thanks.


Potter County PA over 4 years ago

heirloom tomato plant stalk at ground level turned brown

heirloom tomato plant turned brown at ground level; appears to be affecting next plant


Potter County PA over 4 years ago

Transferring Carpenter Bees

I have a nest of carpenter bees in the wall of my barn. They are wonderful pollinators and I would like to move them, rather than exterminate them. Is there a way I can "draw" them out before sealing the wood? What time of the year would be best for this transfer attempt?


Potter County PA over 4 years ago

apple and cherry trees in potter county pa.

My friend has some property in northern potter county pa. he don't think apple and cherry trees will grow in potter cause of the weather. there has to be a apple and a cherry tree growing somewhere up there. we are both from lebanon county pa and he wants to plant tree on his land for wildlife but he dont think they will grow . now these tree wouldn't be for humans to eat but for wildlife . what kind of apple and cherry trees do you recommend for this reason to draw wildlife in like deer and birds anything that would benefit from having these trees ??


Potter County PA 11 months ago

Spruce tree chips

Is there any harm to certain plants if using spruce tree chips as mulch?


Potter County PA 9 months ago

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