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Type of beetle

What is this dad said its a beetle but it was in my bed

Philadelphia County PA 6 months ago

Nursery Locator

Where can I purchase the varieties of shade to sun perennials on your list in ad around Phila. County? Also, are there sites that have photos of the plants, thanks.

Philadelphia County PA master gardener program perennials over 4 years ago

Laurel Disease (2)

I have both Prunus Otto Luyken and Skip Laurel and they have some disease that is causing leaves and branches to wither and die or to cause "holes" to appear in the leaves. See pictures. (Note since I can only send one picture at a time I will repeat this request four separate times.) Is there a insecticide or/of fungicide, etc. that I can use to resolve the problems?


Philadelphia County PA trees and shrubs plant disease schip laurel about 6 years ago

Thai basil leaf spot problem

What is the cause and possible solution to disease or condition illustrated on top and reverse leaf views of my plant grown indoors?

Img_3656_300x300%2523 Img_3658_300x300%2523

Philadelphia County PA 5 months ago

how remove moldy air conditioner?

It looks like a window air conditioner that was sealed from the inside over the winter may have become a mold incubator. It is full of black stuff. A second unit has a small amount in a rear corner. I'm guessing that I should replace both units. Do a need a mold remediation expert to remove the worse one or can Sistine else do it, carefully?


Philadelphia County PA over 4 years ago

Releasing frogs form eggs found in Virginia

Good morning: My child's preschool has been raising tadpoles from frog eggs found in Virginia. We believe that they are wood frogs. Two years ago, we did the same with baby frogs reared from frog eggs (also probably wood frogs) found in the Poconos. Is it ok to release these Virginia-acquired frogs into a West Philadelphia community garden? We think our old Poconos frogs have survived and live there still. It seems wood frogs are widely distributed throughout North America. Thank you in advance, Alexis


Philadelphia County PA wildlife habitat wildlife wood frogs over 6 years ago

1. Does MAES offer any courses on fresh water blue crab farming? 2. Is MAES...

1. Does MAES offer any courses on fresh water blue crab farming? 2. Is MAES conducting any research of fresh water blue crab farming? 3. Can you recommend info/sources/reading material on that subject? Thanks!


Philadelphia County PA over 5 years ago

what mites might these be?

I have a streptocarpus that is covered in mites. It's doing pretty well, considering, and I haven't seen the mites on any nearby gesneriads. I was trying to determine what variety of mites they are. I don't see any spider mite webbing, but how do you tell the difference between cyclamen and broad mites? Attached pics taken at 150x magnification, one in situ two suspended in oil. This was one of the larger ones. I couldn't locate any eggs. They're pretty fast-moving, and they hang out along the lower parts of the central vein and all over the underside of the leaf. Alcohol doesn't bother them, and neem oil only seems to work at 100% concentration.


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Philadelphia County PA over 2 years ago

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