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Spots on cherries

Most of the cherries on my sour cherry bushes have black spots on them. Do you know what this is? Are they safe to eat?



Perry County Pennsylvania over 1 year ago

ATV/Soil Sampling/Automatic Tool to do the job

I recently saw an article on how an ATV /GPS/system was used to take soil samples, but I forgot where I saw the article. It showed a picture of a new tool used to make soil sampling easier and more accurate. Could one help me locate the article? Thanks in advance for your help.


Perry County Pennsylvania over 6 years ago

Is hemp dogbane toxic

A local farmer baled some grass hay that contains hemp dogbane (he first thought it was milkweed buta county agronomist identified it as dogbane). He offered to sell me the hay at a reasonable price but we have sheep, lambs, minihorses and foals.

I have not been able to rule out the toxic effect it might have. Can you help?




Perry County Pennsylvania over 2 years ago

Grape Vine Prunning

I have a small Commercial Vineyard and have a few questions on prunning. I am using the 4 arm Kniffin System. I understand prunning except for renewal spurs for the next year. Is there a demonstration or seminar anywhere near Perry County soon that I could attend that will demonstrate Grape Prunning?


Perry County Pennsylvania about 7 years ago

Attacking my small thorn apple trees

Do you know what this is and how to get rid of it


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Perry County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

Long Needle White Pine trees

I have a question I was hoping you would be able to answer for me please. Attached is a picture of our eastern white pine trees I believe. When we moved into this home we were able to view on the other side of the valley the mountain range in the distance which was quite beautiful. In only a couple of years these trees have grown quite a lot in height now pretty much blocking the view. I was wondering is by cutting off tops of these pines, may 1/3 of overall height , if that would somehow kill the tree. I would not want to kill these trees as they are beautiful as well but sure would like the view back of mountain range. I appreciate any assistance you can provide. Thank you. Sincerely, John Fox



Perry County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

putting cow manure around grape vine

I have 2 grape vines about 20 years old planted in ground made up of a lot of red shale. So is cow manure good to use? How much, when to put on. Thank you.



Perry County Pennsylvania almost 4 years ago

type of bat

This little guy came out of our attic. Could you tell me what type of bat he is?


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Perry County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

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