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What kind of spider is this?! It's in my nieces chalk basket and I don't want any of us getting bit.

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Northumberland County PA over 4 years ago

My son was bitten by this snake

What species of snake is this?



Northumberland County PA 8 months ago

What is this

what is this? It's growing in varies places in my yard.


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Northumberland County PA over 5 years ago

Leatherleaf viburnum leaf problems

Hello. I purchased multiple leatherleaf viburnum (v. rhytidophyllum) from a nursery recently. At the nursery, some of the leaves on the plants were in different states of browning and yellowing. I attributed the discoloration to leaf burn. They looked otherwise healthy so I bought them. After transplanting they have continued to lose leaves. New buds and leaves are forming and the root seem to be growing well. I have attached pictures...Update...SInce my original post, I did a "white paper test" for mites. The results were discouraging. I think based on the large number of little bugs (I did view them with a magnifier) on the paper and how quickly the leaves are becoming damaged that the plants are heavily infested with some type of mite. Any advice on how to best treat this problem would be appreciated. Thanks, Josh


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Northumberland County PA 5 months ago

identify tree/shrub

?japanese xxxx.? Mature specimans up to 15feet. purple blooms and leaves. seen in many commercial borders, and in home lawns. have seen in fla. nurseries in 3-5 gallon containers.


Northumberland County PA over 3 years ago

food safety certificate

I can not print my certificate


Northumberland County PA over 5 years ago

Wormy Fruit

I bought 2 Intrepid Peach trees in 2012. They both blossomed this year and have plenty of fruit on them. BUT... they did not fully ripen this year and are falling off the trees with grubs in every peach. What can I do to cure this problem for next year? Thank you, Diane Dobson


Northumberland County PA over 4 years ago

Identify varieties

Hello. I planted several varieties of peppers in my garden and am having trouble identifying the varieties. I did have the label from the greenhouse but they don't seem to be correct. Can you please help identify?


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Northumberland County PA over 3 years ago

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