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This was found in our yard near Nazareth, PA. The first picture was taken August 16. My husband says that he thinks the first mushroom disappeared and then the second one grew. I thought that it started as a puffball on the ground with no stem, but now I'm not sure. The second and third pictures are from August 30. This is further information from Gayle Nace. Is this the same mushroom or two different ones? thanks, Gayle

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Northampton County Pennsylvania over 5 years ago

issue with Japanese Beetles

Hi, i live in Nazareth, Pa, Zone#6. I have (3) Eggplants, one each in large outside containers. Last year the Japanese Beetle destroyed my nice basil plants but this year they prefer the leaves of my eggplants! **I have next to them a JB Trap, "Spectracide brand". Yes... the JB's are all over that but they are still all over the leaves of my eggplants as well and doing a number on them! **Please help me out here. What else can i do? I have a bucket of dish detergent water that i sometimes swat the beetles into but i can't stand outside all day long doing this. ** I mean i have hundreds of the beetle swarming around! Seems like ever since i put that trap out with its lure.....that I’m getting even more beetles! **Will the beetles eating the eggplant leaves destroy my (fruit) production? **Is there some type of (homemade) NON TOXIC solution that i can put into a spray bottle to use to either kill them or to deter them away? >>Thanks for taking the time to address my issues here! Have a great Day! Thomas

Northampton County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

Star Roses

I am a nursery that carries numerous Star Roses. We seem to have some type of growth that we can't figure out what it is or what to do but it is spreading through our inventory.



Northampton County Pennsylvania over 7 years ago

Speakers Bureau Request

Good afternoon, I am contacting you to see if it would be possible to have one of your speakers present at our community. Moravian Hall Square in Nazareth PA is a Continuing Care Retirement Community. I believe we may have had one of your speakers here in the past. We would be looking for you to present under our Senior Pathways program. Senior Pathways is a series of informative programs covering many topics of interest to seniors. We also promote the event in the local media and invite people from the larger community to join us. We would be interested in having a speaker present 'Edible Landscaping'. I am currently working on filling the calendar for 2014. Senior Pathways is always held on the third Tuesday of each month at 10:30am. I wonder if a speaker would be available for our February program, Tuesday 18th February which would be timely as people look forward to the Spring and planning their gardents etc. We are a not for profit organization, many of our speakers will present at no charge. We are able to make a small honorarium payment if that would be suitable. Please confirm if you are able to help us with this program. Best regards, Liz Brandl Community Relations & Outreach Coordinator Moravian Hall Square 175 W North Street, Nazareth PA 18064 610.746.1327


Northampton County Pennsylvania over 7 years ago

Pine tree dropping brown needles

I have an Austrian pine and the needles are turning brown from the bottom up the tree is older and about 25ft. Had a great harvest of pine comes this spring but in July, August The needles started turning brown and dropping. Now it is starting to go up the tree. Top still looks very healthy


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Northampton County Pennsylvania over 2 years ago

Mimosa tree

My mimosa tree is not growing lives this year jet, is May th 26 I’m worried that is going to die, how can I help it ?


Northampton County Pennsylvania 9 months ago

Dying arborvitea

One died last spring first thing. Let it go for the summer. Went to replace it this spring and noticed the one next do it starting the process. What is it? And should I remove and replant?


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Northampton County Pennsylvania almost 2 years ago

Unknown vine

I purchased this vine and was told that it could be trained as a tree. I was also told that it had to be brought in before cold weather since i am in zone 6. It has beautiful purple flowers edged in white. It begins blooming late july.



Northampton County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

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