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Thaw rate of 0 F. 55 gal. drum of concentrated Prune juice

Looking for info on the thaw rate of 0 F. of 55 gallon metal drum with concentrated Prune juice to +40 F. @ +40 storage temp., Appox. time if fine, Thank you very much for any information, Tony Zitek.


Shasta County California almost 8 years ago

Identify a snake

Can you please help us identify a snake we found moving around in our garage - photos available and attached


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Shasta County California over 1 year ago

Lilly allergies

Could a bouquet with floral star lilies in A bouquet in the house trigger a sore throat and Congestion similar to a cold?


Shasta County California about 1 year ago

mixing plnt food for 50 gallons

mixin plant nutrients how many cups at two table spoons,per gallon to nsure accuracy


Shasta County California about 6 years ago

Roses in planter pots

Is it safe to add other plants to established roses in the pots? Like assylium or can it hurt the rose?


Shasta County California over 2 years ago

Mini roses

I transferred my minin rose to a bigger pot outdoors late December early January. Ive tried to protect it from the freezing weather. It looks a little rough the leaves are different colors. Will it bounce back later this spring?


Shasta County California over 2 years ago

White flower with grass-like foliage

Growing wildly in an old garden plot. Just now beginning to bloom (March).



Shasta County California over 4 years ago

Tomato Plant

My cherry tomato plant is in a 55 gal cont. with large cage. No complaints, it is going crazy and producing very well. ( I should have this problem with all my veg's :)) Problem is it is bushing up and over the top of the cage by about 4' in all directions. I am concerned with the weight of the branches and tom's the branches are going to break at the point where the branches are laying on the cage. I already see where one of the branches is showing bruising. What do I do? Also, they look and feel ripe, but the skin is tough? thx you


Shasta County California over 6 years ago

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