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acid looking burns on swiss chard and spinach

I have an organic garden and noticed that my spinach and swiss chard are now curling and wilting up with acid looking yellow burn spots on the leaves? What is causing it and what can I do? I will send a photo asap. Adrienne L. Roth (


Montour County PA over 4 years ago

problems with tomatoes and cucumbers

Every year our tomatoes and cucumbers grow to maturity, and produce blossoms and small fruit, then suddenly wither and seem to need water. In just a few days, the plants die. Despite our changing location around our yard, this same thing happens every year. We have composted, fertilized, used humus,but nothing corrects the problem. Our soil is clay if you dig down about 6". Any ideas about what is causing this, or how to correct the problem? Kathleen A. Mertz 50 Spike Blue Hollow Rd. Danville, Pa 17821 We had our soil tested several years ago, and the only suggestion was to use urea. This didn't help.


Montour County PA master gardener program tomatoes tomato diseases cucumber diseased over 4 years ago

What kind of critter does this?

I have a dying/dead tree in my back yard that I think was a silver birch. I noticed a considerable amount of sawdust collecting at the bottom of the tree and inspected the tree more closely. The trunk was bristling with many little extrusions of some form of pest waste about 1/32" in diameter and various lengths of up to nearly an inch. The extrusions are basically a "stool" of sawdust that rinses off to the bottom of the tree when it rains. I chiseled a small window into the trunk around one of these extrusions and found a small hole going radially into the tree wood. I stopped after excavating about a 1/2" deep window without finding the source of the hole. Do you have any idea what pest is causing this condition? Is it a threat to other live trees? See attached pictures.


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Montour County PA trees and shrubs forest pests tree health horticulture over 4 years ago

Common weed edible

Hello, I recently attended a wildlife edibles course offered through DCNR park and this common weed was mentioned to be edible, with a great source of B vitamins. I don't recall the name the cons. officer had said it was.



Montour County PA plant identification wildflowers and native plants over 3 years ago

Info Handouts and Reference Guides

We are looking for some information handouts and reference guiges. We are planning a spring farm festival an we would like to have an information table with handouts on ticks, poisons and maybe general farm, 4-H and summer safety. I was wondering if you might have these types if items so that we can share them with the folks that join us.


Montour County PA farm safety and health poison ticks over 6 years ago

Youth Farm Safety Education

Regarding your article on developing a program on youth farm safety education: Dr. Amy Snover has been conducting such a program (Ag Safety Day) for Danville sixth grade in Montour County for the past 10 years (see article in The Daily Item, August 11, 2013). Why don't you ask her about her curriculum?


Montour County PA farm safety about 6 years ago

Using swales to manage rain/ground water runoff

I recently read some articles on the Penn State Extension website that described the use of swales to manage ground water run-off. The yard around my home slopes down towards the side and back of my home and when it rains, the ground runoff tends to pool in back of the house. From what I've read, it appears that installing a couple of swales may help to control the flow of ground water when it rains, redirecting the flow away from the house and improving drainage. Is there a contractor/landscape specialist in the area (Danville, Montour County) that has experience installing swales?


Montour County PA landscape design over 6 years ago

Huge Hill of Shale - Need Help!!!

Hello, I attached two pictures to this so you can see what I am speaking of. In front of our house we have a very large down-sloping hill (very steep, maybe 45 degrees) that is exposed to the sun all day long. The hill is made of this shale rock which is in the other picture so you can see what it looks like underneath (not very hospitable to plants). We first decided to plant a type of vine I do not know the name of every few feet, landscape fabric the rest and then mulch for cover. Unfortunately about once a month the many deer in the area just eat them back to their small roots in one or two nights and then the entire plant dies or they barely grow at all. The picture is what the hill looks like currently, just a huge mess of dandelions and random weeds on top of the mulch from last year. I feel like we've tried everything on the hill and it either dies or just gets eaten by deer. Our last ditch effort was 3 years ago when we planted a type of blue spruce juniper that was very expensive from a local landscaper who said it would be perfect to spread down the hill quickly, lay flat, and provide enough ground cover that weeds wouldn't be a huge issue. Not one of these 12 plants we bought have grown an inch in 3+ years (not dead, just zero growth). We are looking for any type of plant solution that could do the following: 1. Cover the hill . 2. Do it fast if possible. 3. Be in the sun all the time and tolerate the shale underbelly of the hill. 4. Will not require much walking/climbing up and down the hill after we plant everything. 5. Expenses are less of an issue at this point - after 10 years of trying everything we are ready for a permanent solution. 6. Able to tolerate some wind, as we are on a hill. I really hope that you can help us on this - thank you so much in advance for any help on this - and if you have other questions please let me know! We are in Montour County, Pennsylvania.


Hill_300x300%2523 Shale_300x300%2523

Montour County PA over 3 years ago

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