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Azalea stems black

Last year I noticed a green fungus starting on outer stems of my azalea plants. Leaves and flowers were smaller than other branches without fungus. This year I noticed along with smaller leaves and flowers the stems have turned black. I don’t see any nymphs sucking along bark as I have on my holly bushes. Can these be saved? Can I treat with a horticultural oil like Neem?

Montgomery County Pennsylvania 10 months ago

Broad leaf control

I plan to plant tetraploid ryegrass this spring and would like to know if I can use a broad leaf control product similar to "Weed Be Gone" on this rye. Pat Walsh


Montgomery County Pennsylvania about 7 years ago


What do you know about the African Okra and how it got to the Caribbean? I had an interesting story from a very old lady in the West Indies.



Montgomery County Pennsylvania almost 7 years ago

Azalea leaf spots

Can please tell me what causes these yellow spots on azalea leaves. Thank you Bill


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Montgomery County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

Is it leagle to feed Turkey Buzzards in a residential area

I have a neighbor that is feeding Turkey Buzzards and they are landing on my roof and leaving droppings all over it I believe there dropping will ruin my roof is that true. There is sometimes 10 to 30 of them at a time. Is it legal for him to be feeding them in Montgomery County Pa. I know he is feeding them cause they land and then I see them fly away with something in there beak.


Montgomery County Pennsylvania about 5 years ago

Spider ID please

Can you please identify this spider for me? It and its web are located on the outside of my glass sliding door. Thanks!



Montgomery County Pennsylvania over 7 years ago

red twig dogwood attacked

Hello. Looking for some help in identifying what is attacking our red twig dogwoods and what do do about it. They were planted in the spring (bought at the Wissahickon Valley Watershed plant sale) and have been doing well until very recently. I have attached photos. Thank you, Bruce Morris


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Montgomery County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

I am trying to raise native tube dwelling bees. I have opened my tubes from...

I am trying to raise native tube dwelling bees. I have opened my tubes from last fall and found probably mason bee cocoons. They are silky fiber sacks, lots of frass and pollen remnants, mud plugs and dividers. The tubes are Phragmites reeds about 5-7mm diameter. In 2 tubes there was something different. These cocoons looked like shiny, dark wooden pegs with slightly wider, rounded tops. The plugs looked like muddy sawdust, lighter than the mason mud plugs. There was not much frass. I hope these are also beneficial pollinators? thank you



Montgomery County Pennsylvania almost 6 years ago

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