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Can LED lights be used on plants?

Gary Oiler 570-992-2893 uses fluorescent lighting for his plants and was wondering if LED lights could be used instead? He has not found anything written about this.

Monroe County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

Finding freshh fruit and vegetables

My name is Jill Symons. I lead a Weekend Food Backpack program for students at Stroudsburg Junior High School. I am wondering if you have any ideas or resources for helping us obtain fresh fruits and vegetables that we may add to the food we provide students each Friday? We have not started school yet, so you may either reach me by phone at (570) 242-0995, my home email, or through the email I have listed below. I am also interested in any ideas you may have for providing these students with fresh dished instead of Banquet frozen meals, etc. Thank you for any time you can give me. I appreciate it more than you know.

Monroe County Pennsylvania over 5 years ago

girl trouble

so i like this 8th grade girl and i need to know how to talk to her in gym class but i'm shy what should I do


Monroe County Pennsylvania over 6 years ago

Black Walnut tolerent

Do you know if a Mulberry tree will grow near a Black Walnut tree?


Monroe County Pennsylvania over 1 year ago

My daughter is 8 years old she was diagnosed with ADHD. She will be attending...

My daughter is 8 years old she was diagnosed with ADHD. She will be attending a daycare center every other Saturday and Sunday only. Only 4 times a month. The daycare center is asking for her IEP. Do I have to provide it? The provider won't accept her if I don't submit the IEP. I offered the treatment plan but the director wouldn't accept it.


Monroe County Pennsylvania over 2 years ago

Evergreen trees dying or totally browning out

For the past three months many complaints have been received regarding browning of various species of evergreens. Now notification about older growth trees and spreading browning out were received. What could be going on?


Monroe County Pennsylvania over 7 years ago


Hello: I live in the Poconos and for the past 20 or so years struggle to maintain a lawn (not me my husband) We have sandy soil in back and in front. We recently saw clover lawns and thought that may be a solution for us. Less maintenance, natural, etc. We are now seniors so we would enjoy low maintenance. We live in a somewhat shady area and partially sun. Thanks for any time. PS White Dutch clover and we do not use any pesticides whatsoever. Patricia Francis


Monroe County Pennsylvania almost 8 years ago

Cub Scouts

Good morning, I was told that you have programs for children, including foraging and other forest activities. Are there any programs that cub scouts can attend? -Chris Planker Cubmaster, Pack 85 570-236-5620


Monroe County Pennsylvania almost 7 years ago

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