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I was told lionheadd rabbits had to be a certain cclor to show . Is this true??

I was told lionheadd rabbits had to be a certain cclor to show . Is this true??


Mifflin County PA companion animals rabbits over 4 years ago

odd yard holes and dirt mounds

We now have some dirt mounds, not near a hole. and some small holes, 1 1/2" in diameter that are in the front yard. There are some trails that look like mole trails but they are not in direct contact with these odd areas. Any idea what they might be and how we get rid of the maker? I tried to attach a picture. Thanks, Chuck Goodhart



Mifflin County PA wildlife damage management rodent control over 6 years ago

Trimming sides

How can I trim the sides without them dying?


Mifflin County PA pruning 6 months ago

red maples

the new growth the leaves cup,edges dead,color yellow started to notice last week


Mifflin County PA over 2 years ago

Nuisance beetle

These beetles are swarming all over our lawn. is there a way to get rid of them? Will they hurt our grass and surrounding crops ( corn, soy beans)


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Mifflin County PA over 2 years ago

buggy lighting law

Hi, could you please tell me where the Pa. law can be found requiring all horse drawn buggies to have flashing lights and headlights. I have searched everywhere and have been unable to find it. Thank you, Mike Reed, Armagh Twp. Mifflin Co.


Mifflin County PA almost 6 years ago


can I water livestock at the pond?


Mifflin County PA ruminant livestock nutrition over 6 years ago


Is it a violation for our barnyard to drain into an adjacent field?


Mifflin County PA animal manure management over 6 years ago

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