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Chill Hours for McKean County

Hello, I am in the process of ordering bare root trees to be planted next spring, 2015. Could you please tell me the chill hours for McKean County (I know I am in USDA Zone 5a) and when the best time to plant those trees would be? I am looking at apple, cherry, apricot, plum, etc.


McKean County Pennsylvania over 6 years ago

Honey bees

There has been a hive in this tree for years. It is late September and there is a large group of bees on outside of tree. They have been doing this for days now and group is getting bigger. What is going on. Just curious



McKean County Pennsylvania over 3 years ago

boxwood blight

Would there be a yellow dropping under the plant??


McKean County Pennsylvania over 5 years ago

white oak 2nd major frost

I live in north central PA and have a white oak about 10 years old. It has been hit by a frost a few years ago and lost all of its leaves. It did come back and looked ok. This year it got hit again and the leaves are turning brown and falling off. What can I do to help it come back. Should I feed it and if so what food would be best? This tree is very special to us and I do not want to lose it.


McKean County Pennsylvania almost 6 years ago

Wild Flowers

Two years ago, I had native grasses and wild flowers planted on my property under the WHIP program with NRCS/USDA. I recognize the daisies and black eyed susans among the flowers growing there, but what are the flowers with the yellow petals and yellow centers that look very similar to the black eyed susans?


McKean County Pennsylvania over 7 years ago

Intern Opportunity

Hello, I am currently a Junior at the Pennsylvania University of DuBois. I am majoring in Information, Science and Technology. As part of my curriculum, I have to complete an internship within my field of study. Therefore, I am wondering, if there are any opportunities available to me to possibly complete this internship within your new establishment in Smethport Pennsylvania. Thank you, Nathaniel Rodgers


McKean County Pennsylvania almost 5 years ago

Worms in House

What are the very little worm like creatures that have appeared all around my house in the last couple of days. How do I get rid of them.


McKean County Pennsylvania almost 8 years ago

What kind of plant is this?

Hello, I'm trying to identify some house plants that I got from Walmart so I can properly care for them. All I know about this plant is its something along the lines of cactus/ succulent.


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McKean County Pennsylvania over 4 years ago

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